Yeh! the royal inspector is coming!

“Yeh! The royal inspector is coming!”
‘Yeh animation’ was planned by Lee Myonghak(Professor of Sungkyun Kwan University College of Chinese Character Education)and GFX produced. It is designed to remind the loyalty, filial, and benevolence to the children.

The road-trip adventure of Royal secret inspector Bongsuk Cha who is looking for the loyalty, filial, and benevolence. The story line is the royal inspector Cha reward the prize to the people who respect their parents and uphold Justice and punish who does not. The total five episodes were made up.

  • Style : 2D Digital Cut-out Animation
  • Format : 5 Episode x 13 Minutes
  • Target : 6-9 years old
  • Genre : Comic adventure
  • History :
    - Distributed to over 6900 elementary schools in Korea, in 2012.
    - Brodcasted on SBS May 2013.