Amazing discoveries that challenged the ability of humankind! “Mind Blowing Breakthroughs”

Amazing discoveries that challenged the ability of humankind!
Mind Blowing Breakthroughs encourages children’s curiosity, showing that there are other possible ways of thinking, different from those of their surrounding world.

"Mind Blowing Breakthroughs” describes mind-blowing moments in the history of human knowledge in a fun and amusing way. This TV series portray those flashes of genius that changed the course of human history and its relationship with nature.

The narration will focus in the amazing discoveries, but also in the people that made them possible, as well as the adventures and challenges they encountered along the way.

  • Title : Mind Blowing Breakthroughs
  • Style : Photo Cut-out Animation
  • Format : 26 Episode x 11 Minutes
  • Target Age Group : 7~14 Years old
  • Genre : Science, Edutainment
  • Delivery : Started to Broadcasting on EBS from Feb, 2014
  • History :
    2013 SPP(Seoul Promotion Plan) Best Technology Award
    Be Broadcasted on EBS, Feb. 2014

  • Language : English, Spanish, Korean Dubbing
  • Co-prodution : EBS(Korean), Astrolab(Argentina)