FrienZoo tells the tale of four common farm animals that join the zoo. Unlike the exotic animals of the world that attract visitors to the zoo because of their unusual natures, these four friends become popular due to their love of their audience. Four homeless animals, a DONKEY, CAT, ROOSTER, and DOG, that band together to survive, discover a home within a zoo.

The Infinite Imagination of Kids towards to the Silhouette

Each 7-minute comedic episode offers positive social lessons along with the fun and comedy. This collection of stories is a unique blend of comedy, action & stunning visuals. Striking silhouettes against beautiful backgrounds create a whimsical world of color and imagination, unlike anything in children’s programming.

  • Style : 2D Digital Cut-out Animation, Animated Silhouette
  • Format : 78 Episode x 7 Minutes
  • Target Age Group : 5 ~ 8
  • Genre : Comedy
  • TV Series Animation will be Completed by Jan. 2016.
  • History :
    Selected and Supported as Excellent Pilot by KOCCA 2011
    Selected and Supported as Ani Frontier 2013 by SBA, EBS
    Best Animation 1st Winner, The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival(UMFF) 2012