Mind Blowing Breakthroughs


Amazing discoveries that challenged the abilities of humankind!

Title : Mind Blowing Breakthroughs
Genre : Science, Edutainment
Style : Photo Cut out Animation
Format : 11 minutes × 52 episodes
Target : 7~12 years old





Sitcom, Friendship!

Title : FrienZoo
Genre : Comedy
Style : 2D Digital Cut-out Animation, Animated Silhouette
Format : 78 Episode x 8 Minutes
Target : 4~7 years old



Let’s Play With Boomchiki Boom~!


Broadcast on KBS(Korea Broadcasting) in 2007
Broadcast on CCTV(中央電視臺, China Central Television) in 2008

Selected and Supported for Excellent Pilot Production Business by KOCCA(Korea culture & Content Agency) in 2004

Selected and Awarded “Prize of the President of Small and Medium Business Administration” for Excellent Academic-Industrial co-developing Report in 2006

Selected and Supported For Broadcasting Contents by Korean Broadcasting Commission 2006

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The Physical Developing Project based upon Multiple Intelligence Theory
“Let’s Play with Boomchiki BOOM”

Title : Let’s Play With Boomchiki Boom~!
Genre : Edutainment
Format : 3D CGI Animation / 7 minutes × 52 episodes (season1, 2)
Target : 3~6 years old
Stage : KBS & CCTV(China) / Distribution



Junk Ville Story


Invited by GFFIS(Green Film Festival in Seoul) 2008

Production Studio Business supported by KOCCA 2007

Selected and Supported as Excellent Pilot by KOCCA 2006

Advanced to Final Competition of TV Part, SICAF 2010

The 1st Korea 3D Contents Contest – Won the Golden Prize

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Environment, Recycling and the Instruction contents of DIY
“Junk Ville Story”

Title : Junkville Story
Genre : Comic Fantasy Adventure
Format : 3D CGI Animation / 11 minutes × 52 episodes
Target : 6~9 years old



Yeh! the royal inspector is coming!


Yeh! the royal inspector is coming!

DVD distributed over 6,900 Korean elementary schools.

The Royal secret inspector Bongsuk Cha is wandering around the country in obedience to a royal command. Cha reward the prize to the people who respect their parents and uphold Justice and punish who does not.

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The road-trip adventure of Royal secret inspector Bongsuk Cha who is looking for the loyalty, filial, and benevolence.

Title : Yeh, royal inspector is coming!
Genre : Comic adventure
Format : 2D digital cut out animation / 13 minutes × 5 episodes
Target : pre school, scholar