Tony Hong : CEO (Creative Director)
- Production of “Mind Blowing Breakthroughs” Family Musical / (2015 ~ )
- Animation “Frienzoo” broadcasted on EBS (2016 ~ )
- Animation “Mind Blowing Breakthroughs” broadcasted on EBS (2014~ ) / Season 2 Under Production
- adjunct professor major in the Department of Design and Images in Ewha Woman’s University
- “Junkville Story-Dontuch kingdom” advanced to Final Competition of TV Part, SICAF 2010
- “Junkville Story” selected for the 5th Green Film Festival In Seoul
- “Bikini English” selected and supported for the Wibro animation by KOCCA (Korea Culture & Content Agency)
- “Let Me Fly” Characters and application Developer of Chung-dam Learning Co,.LTD Educational Animation for pre-schoolers
- “Joint Study of Image Technique following up with the development of educational content” Selected as the Enterprise of Academic-Industrial co-operation by the Small and Medium Business Administration  the Co-op with Chung-Ang University and BK21
- Production of 3D Digital Animation using NPR(Non Photorealistic Rendering) Selected as the Enterprise of Academic-Industrial co-operation by the Small and Medium Business Administration
- OSMU Content Production Technique using Environmental Edutainment Digital Animation” installed for ‘Interactive Moving image” in the gallery of the houses (Hyundai Engineering& Construction Co., LTD Kim-po Newtown)
- “Gui-dam i(The Listener)” Symbol Character developer (The ombudsman of Korea)
- The Interactive Media art “Magic Lake” Installer (Gwang-ju Design biennial )
- The exhibition of Interactive Media art “Lumedias” Programmer and Installer (Global Light Exposition 2005)
- Driving Simulation Producer of Hyundai Engineering& Construction GCS VR
- Producer of “Let’s play with Boomchikiboom”
- the edutainment content using Motion capture and 3D Animation Technique
- Producer of “The island of Myth, Digital Je-ju 21” for Je-ju Traditional Content by Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Mun-Gu Kang : Technical director
- assistant professor of the department of Electric Computer Engineering in Seoul National University
- a bachelor, master, doctor of Mechanical Engineering in Seoul National University, - Post-doctor in Univ. of California, Los Angeles.
- special research worker of the Labolatory for the precision instrument design
- Research for the art of multimedia contents service, Strategy research institute of Chungdam Language School

Moon-Hyung Lee : Digital Contents Supervisor
- Professor of the Computer Science & Information Systems, Hanyang Women’s University
- Producer of the CD title and Movie for education, Chungdam language school
- Producer of ‘the robot English educational contents’, Eugine Robot co.

R & D Lab.

GFX was selected for SMBA(The Small & Medium Business Administration), and established Digital Edutainment Development Lab. with Ehwa Women's University to set up competitive edutainment, co- producing process as well as turn proven contents out.