{ GRAPHICS + PHYSICS Storytelling + Design + Animation + Programming}

  • CGI Animation
  • New Media (Wibro, Mobile, IPTV)
  • Interactive Solution
  • Flash Based Game


Flash Game

Our game is not just a tool for a simple game. It will provide ‘special’ contents for the user which are utilized by proven curriculum and various materials.

We will discuss with the manufacturer thoroughly about the consumers needs and open chance to give high quality Flash contents.

If you want to upgrade your contents using high quality graphic& performance using differentiated interaction technology, Make your choice now!

New Media Contents

There are many opportunities to produce diverse contents due to newly established information & communication media throughout the world. We are entering the New Media Contents market in order to broaden our business territory.

We have multiple experience in producing contents for the mobile, tablet PC, Smart TV, Robot and many other media which made us capable of producing games using AR, E-learning, R-learning(image recognition), gesture(motion recognition)technology and various state-of-the-art devices.

Social Network Game (SNG)

Our high quality SNS games will be the new agenda in the SNS.

Since SNS is turning into a enormous advertisement space, our SNS games will be the ‘TOOL’ for the next generation profit repository.

GDI (Grafizix Digital Interative system/contents)

GDI system uses the movement or the motion of the user to interact with the display which can give
efficient advertisement and information.

It can be used in advertisement, promotion, art, education, entertainment, concert, and interior space.

GDI can be the new concept for the digital play ground.